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Premium Trading Service

POSTED: March 20, 2012

With this email I am launching a new, expanded trading service. This service will include hourly trend models on commodity ETF’s and high profile stocks. It will also take the signals generated by the trend models and structure higher leveraged ways to trade in the direction of the trend, including simple option strategies. All current subscribers to AllanTrends who decide to sign up for this new, expanded service will receive a credit off the subscription fee. Below is an FAQ that goes into more detail and a link for subscribing to the new service.

FAQ – Expanded Trading Service

(1) How will this new service be different for the current service?

This is an add-on service to existing subscriptions that will expand coverage to hourly models in commodity ETF’s and individual stocks as well as detailed trading strategies based on how I  am trading certain signals. Although most of the described trades will be derived directly from the tradables covered in the trend table, I will on occasion deviate outside of the trends table into special situations offering short-term trading opportunities. These opportunities will come with additional risk along with additional reward.

(2) How much will this add-on service cost?

$249/month less a $50/month credit for current subscribers. In other words, the cost to current subscribers will be $199/month. The subscription can be canceled at any time before the next monthly billing period.

(3) What kinds of trades will be included?

There will be multiple ways to trade all signals, some using leveraged instruments such as leveraged ETF’s and/or options in the form of puts or calls; there will be no exotic, complicated spreads or “iron condors,” or whatever they are doing in the option pits these days to fleece option traders. I will do my best to explain option trades in easy to understand language and analysis.

(4) What will be the frequency of these trades?

That depends on the market.  Some weeks there will be trades every day, other weeks very few trades, or even no trades at all.  When a trading opportunity comes, we take it. If there is nothing to do, we do nothing. The overall guiding rules will be to take the best trades and to let profits run while cutting losses short.

(5) How will the alerts be disseminated?

At first through email. If Twitter, SMS messaging, or Facebook helps, I will utilize them.

(6) Why isn’t this already included as part of  subscriptions?

The standard AllanTrend subscription includes everything a trader/investor news to successfully implement a profitable trend following trading system. Yet some subscribers are struggling with making the right decisions in following the models. Some get confused with all of the leveraged ETF’s and some would like to trade options but are unfamiliar with how to best use options to trade the models. Some subscribers are selective on the trades they take, often sitting out the most profitable trends and some subscribers have been asking for more coverage of shorter-term models in the commodities and individual stocks.  This new service will attempt to address all of these needs.

Along with the additional coverage,  I’ll be providing alternative strategies, in real time, for taking signals in the existing trend models. It may very well be the added impetus that is needed to make this system work for individuals who are sitting out some excellent gains. I will be devoting additional time and effort to make this work, time and effort that I did not factor into the original pricing of the service. Although the original service is working for some subscribers, generating enough very profitable signals to be traded without my help, everyone has a different skill set. Adding this service should help everyone prosper, be a teaching vehicle for those who want to better their own skills and be a launching pad for aggressive trades in the direction of any massive turn down ahead in the market.

(7) How will this impact current subscribers who choose not to subscribe to the new service?

Not at all. Current subscribers will get no less than is already being provided and probably more as I raise the functionally of the methodology for all.

(8) How do I subscribe?

Through PayPal

The service will commence as soon as I receive the first subscription.




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