Interim Alert: NanoViricides (NNVCD)

While waiting for the Fed announcement and Bernanke’s press conference, here is an updated chart for NNVCD, updated from yesterday. Included today is the False Bar Stochastic: Black horizontal lines above stochastic indicator suggest that the upside momentum is so bullish that any stochastic sell signals should be ignored. Yesterday [Read more...]


I was going to mention CTIX in today’s Market Close Report…….but I forgot. Better late than never.

A subscriber sent in an interesting TA chart today and in tandem with the Daily Trend Model does suggest a buying opportunity at hand. Certainly if you have yet to buy CTIX, [Read more...]

Market Open, August 6th

The market has quietly opened higher, though it’s a little early in the session to assess the sustainability of this rise. Quiet or not, a rally that finishes the week higher will almost certainly reverse the Weekly Trend Models higher, opening the door for us to take a much more [Read more...]

Market Open, June 18th

The angst last Friday over the Greek elections and potential for volaitlity at today’s Open has proven to be yet another false alarm. But that’s not what I want to talk about this morning. Instead, this is what we need to be looking at:


I already have large stock positions [Read more...]