Market Close Report: Focus on NNVC

Five years ago I speculated that $10,000 invested in NNVC shares could be worth $1,000,000 by the end of 2014. That assessment was based upon the company developing an anti-viral standard of care for six to eight deadly global viral diseases. It now looks unlikely that the share value of [Read more...]

Market Close Report, Feb 26th

Near the end of each day’s trading I send out a market close report with updated trend reversal numbers for the entire portfolio of stocks and etf’s. In lieu of a Friday report I prepare a “Weekend Update,”  which usually goes out on Saturday mornings.  Interim alerts are posted and emailed [Read more...]


GS is up over $4 this morning and if it holds these gains will reverse Long at the close:

GD Intermediate Trend

GS Intermediate Trend

Note also that RNF did reverse Short on Monday’s close:

RNF Intermediate Trend

RNF Intermediate Trend


*Today is the last day of, “AllanTrends/PTS_Lite” and I will be headed back [Read more...]


I was going to mention CTIX in today’s Market Close Report…….but I forgot. Better late than never.

A subscriber sent in an interesting TA chart today and in tandem with the Daily Trend Model does suggest a buying opportunity at hand. Certainly if you have yet to buy CTIX, [Read more...]