Market Close Report: Focus on NNVC

Five years ago I speculated that $10,000 invested in NNVC shares could be worth $1,000,000 by the end of 2014. That assessment was based upon the company developing an anti-viral standard of care for six to eight deadly global viral diseases. It now looks unlikely that the share value of [Read more...]

Market Close Report: April Begins

An inauspicious beginning to April, to say the least. With my “heads-up… technology issues” email mid-day, my machine took notice and has behaved itself throughout the rest of the session. Nonetheless, with only 20 days left on my three-year AppleCare Protection Plan, some changes in hardware are imminent. As [Read more...]

Market Close Report: A Slew Of New Sells

***Due to travel I will be taking this Friday and next Monday off. The Trend Tables will be updated over the weekend.



XAU Sell Signal


FB Type II Sell










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Market Close Report: Silver and YELP

***Due to travel I will be taking this Friday and next Monday off. The Trend Tables will be updated over the weekend.


As you can see above, the spot silver price trend model has issued a Sell Signal. There are several ways to trade this model. My favored [Read more...]

Market Close Report, Feb 26th

Near the end of each day’s trading I send out a market close report with updated trend reversal numbers for the entire portfolio of stocks and etf’s. In lieu of a Friday report I prepare a “Weekend Update,”  which usually goes out on Saturday mornings.  Interim alerts are posted and emailed [Read more...]

Interim Alert: Updated Short-Term Trading Portfolio


Almost by definition, these short-term models lead the intermediate term models toward fresh reversals. It happened yesterday with NFLX and it may be happening (though less dramatically) with a few of the other portfolio positions. Note that FAS and FB have turned down in their short term trends and VXX [Read more...]

Market Close, July 30th

Last night’s Market Close Report focused on three stocks and my trading analysis on each one. I received several positive comments on this form of analysis as it provided some practical advice on how to approach particular trades. Accordingly, I am going to initiate a series of tutorials, using actual trades from [Read more...]

Fortunately: A quiet day

Fortunately, because it’s moving day. For my subscribers and in the spirit of a basic principles of Feng Shui, I am moving to the water. This is especially engaging as I will still be in the desert:

Water is a universal symbol of wealth and prosperity. The image of [Read more...]


GS is up over $4 this morning and if it holds these gains will reverse Long at the close:

GD Intermediate Trend

GS Intermediate Trend

Note also that RNF did reverse Short on Monday’s close:

RNF Intermediate Trend

RNF Intermediate Trend


*Today is the last day of, “AllanTrends/PTS_Lite” and I will be headed back [Read more...]

Friday’s Market Open

It’s days like today when you can really appreciate the merits of an objective approach to trading and investing. If the weakness continues throughout the session, we could get intermediate term sell signals in the major indexes. In other words, the dominant trend of the market will have turned down. [Read more...]