Market Close, October 1st

Much ado about nothing. That pretty much sums up both the first day of government shutdown and the effect it has had on the market:

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedic play by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599, as Shakespeare was approaching the [Read more...]

Market Close, June 4th

QLD continues to hover just above it’s reversal Short trend line. The longer it bounces above the line, the more significant the ultimate resolution. In order to help perspective, here is a 90-minute QLD trend model:

QLD 90A break above the trend line, above about $70.00. will likely lead to a [Read more...]

Market Open: CLSN & FB

CLSN is down 80% this morning as it’s Phase III trial for ThermoDox (liver cancer) failed to prove sufficient clinical effectiveness. CLSN’s Daily Trend Model went SHORT on January 17th. Although the Daily was Short, the Weekly remained Long (until today). I did keep a small position based on the [Read more...]

Market Close, January 17th

New Signals

NASDAQ Hourly Trend Model—->New Long

CLSN Daily Trend Model———->New Short (See comments below)

Thursday’s Market Analysis

CLSN did finally reverse Short today on a firestorm of controversy described here:

Celsion Downgraded Right In Front of All-Important Study Results

“Celsion (CLSN_) shares were downgraded Thursday morning to [Read more...]

New Weekly Trading Signals

There are two stocks in our portfolios that are likely to reverse on the close today:

NFLX Weekly Trend Model————–>NEW LONG

AOL Weekly Trend Model—————>NEW SHORT

NFLX Weekly Trend Model


AOL Weekly Trend Model


As you can see, both of these long term trend models have been very good at picking major turning points. Because NFLX [Read more...]


I was going to mention CTIX in today’s Market Close Report…….but I forgot. Better late than never.

A subscriber sent in an interesting TA chart today and in tandem with the Daily Trend Model does suggest a buying opportunity at hand. Certainly if you have yet to buy CTIX, [Read more...]


Below are two perspectives of NFLX: On the left is the Daily Trend Model that banged it’s head up against resistance (the trend line) and turned back down in sync with the dominant trend. On the right, the Hourly Trend Model showing a close up of that last same short-term [Read more...]

Market Open – April 23rd

With VXX Daily and 240 Minute already Long, it was only a matter of time before VXX Hourly trailed along. That reversal has triggered so all VXX models are now Long.  The weakness this morning should be close to the beginning of a the new Short trend in the markets [Read more...]

VXX Trend Models – updated

The VXX Intermediate Trend – DAILY TREND MODEL – is now LONG, while the short-term trend – HOURLY TREND MODEL – has reversed this morning back to SHORT.

VXX Hourly & VXX Daily

I placed a Fibonacci retracement on the Hourly chart (left) to try and make some sense out of the last day and [Read more...]


GLD continues to creep toward its reversal LONG level on the Daily Trend Model.  Below is a screenshot of the GLD Hourly Trend Model (in development) that will by design, always reverse ahead of the Daily models.  This shorter-term chart looks very strong and may be warning of an imminent [Read more...]