A Trade From The Hedge Fund

Instead of the usual Weekend Update, I am posting a new tutorial in the series, “A Trade From The Hedge Fund.” These are trade management strategies used to initiate and manage trades in our hedge fund. This example is taken from an actual recent trade, the parameters are simple, but [Read more...]

Market Close, Sep 24th

Some days we just need the stop/reversal numbers and can do any without market commentary, no need to waste your time or mine. When there is something that need special coverage, you know I’ll be on it.  - A

Heads-up: A little change in the Biotech Basket this week. I’m [Read more...]

Market Close, Sep 9th

This is what I mean by, “patience”:



The DJIA has retraced only a Fibonacci 38% of the August decline. This is weak in light of the media bullishness generated by five days of advance. The bulls do have a chart to hang their hat on, the broader and more [Read more...]

Cellceutix (CTIX)

Cellceutix (CTIX) is running. This morning they announced the purchase essentially all of the assets of PolyMedix from bankruptcy court:

Beverly, MA — 09/09/13 — Cellceutix Corporation (OTCBB: CTIX) (the “Company”), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering small molecule drugs to treat unmet medical conditions, including drug-resistant cancers [Read more...]

Rocket Science

AllanTrends uses a proprietary trend following algorithm to make all trading decisions. It is an objective, mathematically based and mechanically implemented way to make money in the markets. Although that may seem like a mouthful, as this introductory tutorial to subscribers demonstrates, it is an easily understood and carried out [Read more...]

Weekend Update, July 20th


We start this weekend with the Core Trend Models’ Table, the heart and soul of the AllanTrends Algorithmic Trading System. This is what you are paying for and if I provide nothing else in this service, it is still worth every penny. The table is divided into three sections. The [Read more...]

Cellceutix and Kevetrin Aligning with Pharmacyclics Growth Curve

Note: Usually Seeking Alpha takes 2-3 days to publish a submitted article, this morning it  published my CTIX piece in about 90 minutes. Since it is apparently already moving the stock, I wanted to get it into subscriber’s hands immediately. 

On December 18, 2012 I published a Seeking Alpha article [Read more...]

Interim Alert: The Power of Biotech

I’m putting together an expanded analysis of CTIX, which appears to me to be dirt cheap in light of it’s potential. Here is the opening paragraph of the analysis:

The recent offer by Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN) to buy Onyx Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ONXX) is the latest in a string [Read more...]


CTIX Intermediate Term Trend Model

CTIX Intermediate Term Trend Model


As you can see, CTIX is running. This is an illustration of both the advantages and disadvantages of trying to trade in and out of developmental biotechnology companies, especially the ones I have flagged for extraordinary, explosive potential. The Buy signal was generated on [Read more...]


If you are wondering how the December 28th debacle where CTIX dropped from $2.50 to $1.50 in one day fits into a very bullish Elliott Wave count, look no further than this chart:

CTIX Daily Trend Model

Although not the most beautiful of charts and taking into consideration that the Daily trend requires more [Read more...]