Rocket Science

AllanTrends uses a proprietary trend following algorithm to make all trading decisions. It is an objective, mathematically based and mechanically implemented way to make money in the markets. Although that may seem like a mouthful, as this introductory tutorial to subscribers demonstrates, it is an easily understood and carried out [Read more...]

Weekend Update, July 20th


We start this weekend with the Core Trend Models’ Table, the heart and soul of the AllanTrends Algorithmic Trading System. This is what you are paying for and if I provide nothing else in this service, it is still worth every penny. The table is divided into three sections. The [Read more...]

Cellceutix and Kevetrin Aligning with Pharmacyclics Growth Curve

Note: Usually Seeking Alpha takes 2-3 days to publish a submitted article, this morning it  published my CTIX piece in about 90 minutes. Since it is apparently already moving the stock, I wanted to get it into subscriber’s hands immediately. 

On December 18, 2012 I published a Seeking Alpha article [Read more...]




I was going to mention CTIX in today’s Market Close Report…….but I forgot. Better late than never.

A subscriber sent in an interesting TA chart today and in tandem with the Daily Trend Model does suggest a buying opportunity at hand. Certainly if you have yet to buy CTIX, [Read more...]

Special Update – CIGX

I purposely left any discussion of CIGX off of the Weekend Update because I didn’t want to detract from the seriousness of current market conditions with the exceptional opportunity being handed to us with CIGX.

As reflected in the weekend update, CIGX triggered a short-term Sell Signal by closing 4 [Read more...]