NanoViricides (NNVC) Update


A very good summary of the company and it’s prospects over the next two years. From a presentation by Dr. Eugene Seymour, CEO Nanoviricides, January, 2013.









  1. clarence edwards says:

    I bought many shares of Nnvc on your advice and have serious losses (paper) in the stock. I am willing to consider returning as a subscriber to your service but need a discussion by you or your thoughts on the future price of this stovk. Thanks

    • I posted (free, no password protection) this NNVC Update for everyone who bought the stock upon my description and opinion of it’s potential. Addressing multi-billion dollar markets with a standard-of-care treatment would likely result in a multi-billion dollar market cap. When I do the math, I see a $75M company worth at least 10X-20X it’s current stock price. There are no guarantees in this business, just risk and reward.

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