Weekend Update: A Time To Chill

January will begin the sixth year of publication of AllanTrends, thank you everyone for your continued support for my work and our shared passion for making money in the stock market. There will be a few changes to the service come January which will benefit us all, including a more [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Frames of Reference

Some days the charts speak louder and with more clarity than words.  This is one of those days. My purpose in posting these particular charts is to add some perspective to the volatility of the past few days, as well as to bring into focus the market action subsequent to the [Read more...]

Interim Alert: AAPL Sell Signal

AAPL reversed SHORT on Friday. The April, 2014 Buy Signal was good for about 37% gain on the stock and good for three substantial option gains:  The June $80 calls were up over 200%; those were rolled over into Oct $90 calls which gained 50%; and finally, those October calls [Read more...]

Wednesday (Thursday and Weekend) Update: Break

This will be my last Update until next Monday. We can all use a short break.

Speaking of which, when this market breaks it will take no prisoners. Every Long we are holding, every New Long that gets triggered, better be worth the risk. So far, since March of 2009 [Read more...]

Tuesday Update: Anatomy of A Wave 5 Sell Signal

In the nine trading days between November 13th and today, NFLX has presented a near perfect execution of a Wave 5 Sell Signal. For newer members of this service, Wave 5 Buy or Sell Signals are a pattern recognition technique I learned 20 years ago from Tom Joseph, developer of [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Focus On Tesla (TSLA)

***Note the continuing stellar performance of the intermediate term options portfolio. One-Third of the options in the portfolio (5 out of 15) are up at least 100% and the pattern of small losses against very large gains is very much alive and well. This didn’t start out as an options service, but the [Read more...]

Weekend Update: Stay The Course

Caught in a situation where we have seen significant unrealized profits reduced by a quite normal retracement, it is not a time to change anything we have been doing, nor deviate whatsoever from a system that has served us well over the past five years. This is nothing that longer [Read more...]

Monday Update: S&P 2000

The financial news, what there is of it, surrounds the S&P breaking above 2,000 for the first time in history. In 1998 it broke above 1,000 for the first time and promptly ran up to 1550 before topping in March, 2000. I’m not suggesting a 50% run if and when [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Tale Of Two Triangles

Excuse my indulgence into some esoteric market analysis, but sometimes the geometry is just so perfect it cannot be ignored. Below are charts of two, year-to-date market indices; the narrow Dow Jones Industrial Average and a much broader New York Stock Exchange Composite.  The objects of my affection are the [Read more...]

Weekend Update: A Lesson In Gold From The Hedge Fund

Gold is up about 10% since early January. It’s Daily Trend Model is Long, indication an Intermediate Term rising trend. Gold’s Weekly Trend Model remains Short, indication that the bear market that started in 2011 and has crushed the price of gold 40% from it’s highs, is still in force. [Read more...]