Weekend Update: A Lesson In Gold From The Hedge Fund

Gold is up about 10% since early January. It’s Daily Trend Model is Long, indication an Intermediate Term rising trend. Gold’s Weekly Trend Model remains Short, indication that the bear market that started in 2011 and has crushed the price of gold 40% from it’s highs, is still in force. [Read more...]

Thursday Update: Focus On ISIS

This is being sent out early today because it looks like ISIS is about to trigger a Sell Signal. If so (a close below 30.50), I will be buying the Oct $30 puts, currently trading at between 3.60 and 4.30. That is a wide spread, but ISIS has a habit [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Three Trade Set-Ups

As the stock price approaches it’s trend line there are two potential outcomes; it will either break through or bounce, the former being a Sell Signal and the latter being a Buy Signal (or an Add-on to existing Longs). All three of the stocks below are flirting with their trend [Read more...]

Tuesday Update: Internal Price Action

Intraday time frames are usually within the province of the Short-Term Trading Service. Over the past two weeks, an unmistakable topping pattern has occurred in the 15 minute bar chart, one that puts today’s decline into a much more bearish perspective than would be visible on the Daily-Intermdiate term chart. [Read more...]

Interim Alert: A Change Afloat?

This morning’s gap down is seeing some follow through which is something we haven’t seen much of the past six months. There are three alternative resolutions of this decline:

(1) First is that prices approach, maybe even touch their trend lines and as they have done so often, turn back [Read more...]

Monday Update: Back To Normal

With the holiday week behind us the market is back to normal, or what has passed as normal over the course of the past six-to-sixty months, depending on your time horizon. As is seen in the trading table below, all Intermediate Term stock trading models are Long, which is at [Read more...]

Weekend Update: Independence Day Edition

Out of respect to celebratory three-day Independence Day holiday, the Weekend Update is going out early.  There is not much new in this market, besides day after day of grinding forward. [Note: New NFLX Long Term Buy Signal]. Accordingly, our stock models are overwhelming Long on most all [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Focus on YHOO

All the portfolio stocks are now long with YHOO’s buy signal at the today’s close. The stock was added to the trading models because of it’s stake in Alibaba, which is scheduled to go public later this month. Yahoo owns 23% of Alibaba and will be selling 40% of it’s [Read more...]

Tuesday Update: Rally Into The 4th

Today’s subject line says it all as the anticipated rally into Thursday’s close (1:00 pm EDT) is in full throttle. As the trading table below shows, only YHOO is in a short trend and only YHOO is showing a loss. Everything else are is in an up trends (VXX is [Read more...]

Monday Update: Focus On Gold, Silver & ILMN

With little else going on in the markets, the rising prices of gold and silver have caught my eye:




Below, the short-term hourly charts:

XAG 60

xau 60


It’s too early to make any pronouncements that the long term bear market in these two is over these charts above are pretty much [Read more...]