Wednesday Update: Focus On Tesla (TSLA)

***Note the continuing stellar performance of the intermediate term options portfolio. One-Third of the options in the portfolio (5 out of 15) are up at least 100% and the pattern of small losses against very large gains is very much alive and well. This didn’t start out as an options service, but the [Read more...]

Weekend Update: Stay The Course

Caught in a situation where we have seen significant unrealized profits reduced by a quite normal retracement, it is not a time to change anything we have been doing, nor deviate whatsoever from a system that has served us well over the past five years. This is nothing that longer [Read more...]

Monday Update: S&P 2000

The financial news, what there is of it, surrounds the S&P breaking above 2,000 for the first time in history. In 1998 it broke above 1,000 for the first time and promptly ran up to 1550 before topping in March, 2000. I’m not suggesting a 50% run if and when [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Tale Of Two Triangles

Excuse my indulgence into some esoteric market analysis, but sometimes the geometry is just so perfect it cannot be ignored. Below are charts of two, year-to-date market indices; the narrow Dow Jones Industrial Average and a much broader New York Stock Exchange Composite.  The objects of my affection are the [Read more...]

Weekend Update: A Lesson In Gold From The Hedge Fund

Gold is up about 10% since early January. It’s Daily Trend Model is Long, indication an Intermediate Term rising trend. Gold’s Weekly Trend Model remains Short, indication that the bear market that started in 2011 and has crushed the price of gold 40% from it’s highs, is still in force. [Read more...]

Thursday Update: Focus On ISIS

This is being sent out early today because it looks like ISIS is about to trigger a Sell Signal. If so (a close below 30.50), I will be buying the Oct $30 puts, currently trading at between 3.60 and 4.30. That is a wide spread, but ISIS has a habit [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: Three Trade Set-Ups

As the stock price approaches it’s trend line there are two potential outcomes; it will either break through or bounce, the former being a Sell Signal and the latter being a Buy Signal (or an Add-on to existing Longs). All three of the stocks below are flirting with their trend [Read more...]

Weekend Update: Trading Table Tutorial

This is a review of the heart of this service, the Trading Tables. Even if you have been with me from the beginning this should provide useful. It’s both comprehensive and to the point.




There are three time frames and one sector grouping covered in the service: [Read more...]

Wednesday Update: July 4th Looms

There are now only 5.5 trading days until the July 4th holiday (July 3rd is only 1/2 day). Normally, we could be coasting into the holiday with quiet trading. Looking at world headlines, it seems that anything can shake loose at any time that could have a dramatic effect on [Read more...]

Tuesday Update: Two New Buy Signals

At the close today, the following Intermediate Term Buy Signals were triggered:

FB reversed to Long

New reversal level: $60.00

Recommended Option: Sep $60 Call @ $5.80

YHOO reversed to Long

New reversal level: $30.00

Suggestion Option: Aug $35 Calls @ $3.00





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