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At AllanTrends we provide timely notification of trading signals across a portfolio of 30 stocks, indexes and ETF’s. The Free Public Charts (top of page) shows numerous real time examples of these trading signals. Our Intermediate Term Service is designed for swing traders who trade into and out of extended trends. Our Short Term Service provides Buy and Sell Signals for more active traders.


Visual illustration of the Options PnL

Below is a slide show illustrating how the AllanTrends Trading System works with actual returns from real time trading signals. Click on “Public Charts” above for more examples.

Click on Table Below for a snapshot of AllanTrends’ Short-Term Trading Service’s Real Time Performance Portfolio from May 23, 2014. This premium service is ideal for more active traders in either stocks or options.

Short-Term Trading Service: Real time signals as of 5.23.14

Short-Term Trading Service: Real time signals as of 5.23.14


On January 2, 2013 the AllanTrends market algorithm issued a Buy Signal on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The chart below illustrates how our DJIA trend model issues both Buy and Sell signals based upon a proprietary algorithm that measures only price and momentum.

DJIA 2012-2013

Should the major trend of the market reverse down, AllanTrends’ subscribers will be warned with a timely Sell Signal, suggesting that the major trend of the market has turned down.

AllanTrends offers two levels of service:

  • Standard: Intermediate Term - This service is for the more passive investor, focused on swing and position trading from a selection of 30 individual stocks, stock indexes and commodity etf’s.
  • Premium: Short Term - This is for the more experienced trader who can manage a 8-10 stock portfolio focused on short term stock and option trading. This service is perfect for anyone looking to take their trading to another level.

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