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AllanTrends STANDARD

Intermediate Trend Trading Signals

$79 first month trial then $149/mo.


AllanTrends PREMIUM

Intermediate & Short Term Trading Signals

$129 first month trial then $249/mo.


See why AllanTrends is the BEST Trading System you can buy!


The AllanTrends Premium Trading Service (PTS) is designed for short-term swing traders looking for low risk, high reward trade setups based upon hourly price bars. The signals on the TSLA chart to the left were generated by our proprietary trend algorithm and emailed in real time to PTS members. Each signal alert is accompanied by an option recommendation tailored to maximize returns based upon the historical performance of the stock's short-term trading model.


The AllanTrends Standard Trading Service provides Buy/Sell signals for intermediate term position trading based upon daily price bars. Note how on this daily price chart of TWTR that the trend line served to contain price while the stock was in an extended downtrend throughout the first five months of 2014. In early June the algorithm identified a trend reversal, issuing a "Buy" signal on June 12th. The algorithm will never catch top or bottom tick, but will always catch the major portion of any intermediate term trend.


The Gold chart to the left illustrates how price has a tendency to touch and then bounce back down off of its trend line, providing multiple opportunities to initiate new or add to existing positions with extremely favorable risk:reward profiles. At the Sell points identified on the chart a long term investor could initiate or add to Short Gold/Silver positions using any number of bearish Gold/Silver ETF's, including DUST (Gold Miners - Bearish) to maximize gains from a multi-year trend. The algorithm which called the Top on Gold in the summer 2011 will work just as well on the upside at or near the ultimate bear market lows.



I speak for all subscribers when I say thank you for your dedication. It is truly making a difference in our lives. I am a young man, but in this day and age, I need all the help I can get. Excuse me for the hyperbole and lack of a technical comment, but the service you provide is invaluable (This is not based on one particular post but the whole system). That said, on a more personal note, it strikes me as humble your work. My peers would overwhelmingly not share this information. (I've worked in the finance industry) You are truly one of a kind.

— J.J

I have tried so many more involved, complicated ways to try get an edge sooner in determining the trend, with minimal whipsaws, but none can consistently beat what you have.

— J.E.

I am not boasting, just FYI, because the stock gods might hear me, but I haven't had a losing trade (5) since I subscribed to your service. Your daily commentary on the overall market keeps me tuned in on what might happen and it has given me the confidence to make the trades.

— W.S.